Samsung GALAXY Tab 27.0 Tablet Review 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 27.0
Tablet Samsung is one of the much sought-after considering the brand and their products are highly recognized among smartphone users. Here's Samsung GALAXY Tab 27.0 Tablet Review 2012. Noted there are so many variants released by South Korean vendors, ranging from the tablet 7 inches, 7.7 inches, 8.9 inches, up to 10.1-inch with a variety of classes that are categorized as successful in the market. One is the Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 7-inch screen is expected to be the successor to the success of their first-generation Android tablet.

Tab 2 has basically the same portrait orientation grasp with all the variants under the 8-inch Tab owned by Samsung. Back again, success seemed to inspire the first generation Tab Samsung to maintain this orientation. But for me who used to use version 8.9 with a landscape orientation, using the Tab 2 7 inches in portrait position feels a little "weird". Fortunately, it did not take long to get used to using it in that position. Problems in the design does not stop there. While holding it with one hand, my fingers were soon felt tired because of the size of the Tab 2 is too wide.

Tracing the exterior, we will find two light sensor, speaker for the phone at the top center, and the camera lens front which unfortunately can not be enabled to Face Unlock. Same as Tab Plus 7.0 and 7.7, at the top of the 2 7-inch Tab entrenched 3.5mm audio jack and a microphone. While at the bottom there is a stereo speaker, universal dock port and a second microphone that will create the effect of stereo sound on the video recording.

In the bottom right of the bar, setting a fast WiFi, GPS, silent mode, Mobile data, synchronization data, the brightness of the screen and access to menu settings are also included. This course will allow you to condition the tablet with the environment in cepat.ada 5 pages Home that you can maximize widget.Selain with various shortcuts and features screen capture above, Tab 2 equipped with various features such as AllShare to share content with other devices Samsung, chaton, Downloads to view the file as well as new downloadable applications, Photo Editor, Memo, Navigation, Polaris Office full version to create, view and edit Office documents, Readers Hub consists of three categories of readings: News, Books and Magazines, stores Samsung Apps, S Planner to help you plan the agenda or activities, Video Maker to create or edit video, up to the phone features.

Talk performance, then the first thing done is to benchmark as a measure of the device under test assessment. As usual, several free applications at Play Store I used to test the performance, processor, graphics, touch-screen response, up to the performance of open web pages. The result, Quadrant record 2726 points to Tab 2, which put him in position 3, under the HTC and ASUS X One Prime Transformer. While the 5262 AnTuTu posted speed read / write to SD card 16.1/24MBps. And3DBench which focuses on graphics performance, also providing a total of 6555 points.

Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 7-inch versions are expected to be the successor to the success of the previous 7-inch series, in fact, able to provide the experience of air-ria a satisfactory tablet. Excellence in the design sector, OS, interface, features to multimedia, and of course a well known brand, Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 make the right choice for you who want to start using the tablet. But if you are using old tablet PC, 7 inch screen will be felt "tight" although it returned to the tastes and needs of each.
What is interesting here, GALAXY Tab 2 is the first Samsung tablet with Android 4.0 operating system, or ICS. Fast performance and attractive design seems to still be a successful formula to attract your heart's Samsung. Even more tempting, the price offered is also relatively affordable. GALAXY Tab 2 is the cheapest Android tablet from Samsung. For users of Android tablets that have been "stuck" and want to switch to a model that uses the ICS or consumers who are curious about the tablet, GALAXY Tab 2 is a choice that must be considered.

(+) Fresh design from the previous 7-inch series
(+) Performance okay
(+) Is relatively more affordable price
(+) There is a picture & video editing applications
(+) Stereo speakers & microphone
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